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23.10.20 | Beckhoff reacts to increasing numbers of infections
Beckhoff will return to its proven two-shift system in production and an 80/20 home office system for office workstations. The renewed security measures will initially apply for four weeks. Learn more

23.10.20 | Webinar: From the IO-Link sensor into the cloud
In a webinar we talk about the IO-Link sensor connection to EtherCAT Terminals. Our speakers will also present the IO-Link configuration tool, which is integrated in TwinCAT. Learn more

22.10.20 | SPS Connect: Get your appointment with Beckhoff now
Our automation experts will present innovative technologies and highlights from all areas of PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology. Arrange your appointment with a Beckhoff contact person now. Learn more

21.10.20 | Fast EtherCAT communication increases machine performance
Borncut has developed what they believe to be the world’s fastest and most precise portion cutter for the food industry, based on specially developed software and the open control platform from Beckhoff. Learn more

20.10.20 | Calibration certificates for analog EtherCAT Terminals
Depending on the terminal type, Beckhoff offers individual certificates that document compliance with a measured value and the tolerance window. In cooperation with external calibration service providers, certifications according to ISO 17025 and DAkkS are also performed. Learn more

19.10.20 | Webinar: Cloud services as a competitive factor
In this webinar we present an overview of IoT scenarios with the Beckhoff portfolio and explain the properties of the EK9160. Learn more

16.10.20 | Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar "Efficient series machine manufacturing: plug-and-play in the control cabinet"? We recorded it for you. Learn more

14.10.20 | AES redesigns ultra-compact industrial gas delivery system with IoT connectivity
U.S. specialist company Applied Energy Systems (AES) has modernized its tried-and-tested controller for supplying production lines with high-purity gases to support its application in advanced Industrie 4.0 solutions.
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13.10.20 | Recording of high-frequency signals with a 24 V HTL level
In addition to the counting function, the EJ5151 EtherCAT plug-in module provides period/frequency measurement with a resolution of 100 ns and delivers even more accurate position values for dynamic axes in the interpolating micro-increment mode. Learn more

12.10.20 | I/O expertise for series production: EtherCAT plug-in modules
The EtherCAT plug-in modules in the EJ series from Beckhoff, the specialist in PC and EtherCATbased automation solutions, offer significant efficiency gains when it comes to implementing medium to high-volume series production runs. Learn more

09.10.20 | Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar “For demanding applications: calibrated analog inputs”? We recorded it for you.
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08.10.20 | Beckhoff training courses now in online format due to COVID-19 pandemic
Our online training courses are based on our well-known face-to-face training sessions. Knowledge and skills are conveyed to a closed group of participants through collaboration tools. Participants can directly contact the Beckhoff professionals, who use technical teaching equipment to share their broad know-how covering all aspects of PC-based control. Learn more